Construction Protection:

Don’t let new construction kill your prized trees

Mechanical damage is the greatest primary cause of tree health decline. And the sad truth is we don’t always see the decline immediately. Systemic root failure could occur 1 to 3 years following the damage! Make a tree protection zone part of your new project planning.

Some municipalities require an established tree protection zone before a shovel hits the ground!

Specifically request your contractor to coordinate a tree protection zone with a local Arborist.

The cost of a TPZ is microscopic when compared to removing the tree a year later!

How does a Tree Protection Zone help my trees?

When large, heavy equipment drives over the top of the trees delicate feeder roots, the weight of the equipment forces oxygen from the soil that these roots live in, causing them to suffocate. That suffocation causes those roots to die-back, resulting in less water and nutrients to feed the canopy.

A TPZ will create a ‘roped-off’ area where those precious roots exist so that soil compaction is minimized.

Periodic Tree Health Inspections allow for preventative measures to be taken before larger problems occur. Contact us today to schedule a consult with our Certified Arborist.

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