Give your trees some additional support!

 Trees with multiple main stems or co-dominant stems pose a level of risk and can be dangerous to homes or structures and even people. An on-site evaluation can identify the level of risk of limb failure and determine if a tree support system could help.

One option to help support the tree is a non-rigid support system called Dynamic Cabling.  Dynamic cabling allows for more tree sway and movement, allowing restraint only when environmental conditions demand it. In theory, allowing more tree movement allows the tree to build more supporting wood.

Weakly connected branches where included bark is visible can be dangerous!

Dynamic bracing is never used where risk of failure is high.

We offer threaded bracing installation as an option for certain tree support situations.

Dynamic Bracing cabling

Why proper installation of tree cabling and dynamic bracing matters!

We install this cabling system in the top 2/3rds of the canopy where the point of leverage is the greatest and also out of sight. Cabling is often combined with weight reduction trimming or even bracing. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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