May 19, 2016

Our Services


Tree Disease Management & Prevention

Believe it or not, trees get sick too!

There are many fungal and even bacterial diseases that your tree can contract.  We use industry-backed solutions in offering therapeutic and even preventative treatments to ensure your trees remain vibrant for years to come.

Tree Insect and Treatment & Prevention

Insects can be damaging, even lethal, to the overall health of your trees.  They can also prove evidence of greater issues like disease or nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

We use current treatment techniques to alleviate insects and even mitigate further insect invasions.  If your tree seems to have a bug problem, call us right away!

Root Feeding

Feed your trees!

Urban Trees lack the naturally consistent environment that forest trees have….so they need a little help. Discover how a custom root feeding plan can give your Trees the food it needs to thrive!

Soil Testing & Treatment

Soil nutrition is vital to any living plant. We like to start there.

By means of a thorough on-site soil examination we determine the overall health of the soil and whether or not it is giving your tree the food it needs to thrive. If the nutrients aren’t available, well get you set up with a soil treatment plan that will help return those needed nutrients back into the soil. Soil nutrition is vital to any living plant. We like to start there…

Dynamic Bracing/Cabling

Trees with multiple main stems or co-dominant stems pose a level of risk and can be dangerous to homes or structures and even people. An on-site evaluation can identify the level of risk of limb failure and determine if a tree support system could help. One option to help support the tree is a non-rigid support system called Dynamic Cabling.  Dynamic cabling allows for more tree sway and movement, allowing restraint only when environmental conditions demand it. In theory, allowing more tree movement allows the tree to build more supporting wood. We install this cabling system in the top 2/3rds of the canopy where the point of leverage is the greatest and also out of sight. Cabling is often combined with weight reduction trimming or even bracing. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Crape Myrtle Tree Care

Have your Crape Myrtles been "Crape Murdered"? We can help repair your headed crape myrtles and train them to return to their former beauty. We can also treat for Aphids (which cause that black sooty-look on your bark), scale, white-fly, and other insect nuisances plaguing your crape myrtles. 

Important:  If you notice significant leaf discoloration,  abnormal peeling bark, dark blotches on the bark, or would just like a Tree Check-up then give us a call right way!