Get to the root of the problem

Urban Trees lack the naturally consistent environment that forest trees have so they need a little help! 

When needed nutrients fade from the soil the tree lives in, then a supplemental deep-root feeding is necessary. Replenishing your soil with vital Micro and Macro nutrients enhances the tree’s resistance to insects and diseases, while contributing to the healthy growth of the tree.

Discover how a custom root feeding plan can give your Trees the food it needs to thrive!

Soil nutrition is direclty related to overall tree health.

Soil compaction forces oxygen from the soil that the tree roots need to "breathe"

Deep-root feeding restores both Macro and Micro nutrients but also forces oxygen back into the soil

Sandy soil will require a more routine amendment than Sandy-loam or clay soil types

Wet spots or flooded areas under your trees can be a big problem. Soil aeration can help break up these harmful areas.

Ask about our Spring/Fall root feeding schedule.

When is the best time for root feeding?

Well, It really depends on the needs of the soil. A soil sample is always a good place to start! Knowing what macro or micro nutrients are missing can then influence a soil amendment schedule. Early Spring is generally a great time to start a root feeding program.

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