Cutting Edge Treatment Option

Some tree pest infestations need a silver bullet! Where biological and natural controls alone cannot stop wide scale pest infestations, your trees may need a micro-infusion. This technology allows for 100% of treatment access to the targeted area. Upon injection, the active ingredient will inoculate the entire tree within 24 hours.

Southern Pine Beetles usually target sick trees. However, if the infestation is strong enough, they will attack health pines within proximity of the infestation.

Oak Wilt has not yet been documented in North-East Texas, but its as close as Dallas/Forth Worth. Burn only local firewood!

Are your Ash trees suffering? Make sure its not the Emerald Ash Borer!

Hyproxylon Canker, Whats That?

Hyproxylon Canker (Pictured above) is a fungus that targets sick or immune-compromised oak trees, especially scarlet or traditional red oaks. This particular fungus can be treated, but must be caught in the early stages. The above pictured stage would be too late to intervene.

Periodic Tree Health Inspections allow for preventative measures to be taken before larger problems occur. Contact us today to schedule a consult with our Certified Arborist.

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